Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ Certified Practitioners

The number of practitioners certified to spread Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ are growing! Along with certified practitioners in the USA, you will find certified practitioners or students in training in Canada, United Kingdom, Germany,  South Africa. As founder, I stand behind the skill and compassion of these wonderful healers, and invite you to contact any of them to schedule your session. All practitioners offer individual sessions. Many are available to do phone work and skype, google hangout and some are able to travel to you to do this intensive Ascension healing work many are calling the most powerful on the planet.  They are also required to complete an annual process to ensure integrity of the modality.

Arizona (USA)

Naseem Hajizadeh (207) 615-7954 Click here to email (Arizona and Maine)

I have studied and experienced many healing modalities before Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™. I was interested in trying something new and I felt guided to learn a different method of energy healing. I am excited to offer Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ work and services to others. Thank you Kelly for providing me with the opportunity to become a certified practitioner!

 Arkansas (USA)

Kit Shepperd, Eureka Springs, 479-363-9297, 479-981-4906 or Click here to email

Poco, Eureka Springs Phone: 479 253 7623

California (USA)


Rosalie Aubrun (formerly Halligan), Mountain View, CA 94043
Phone : 650-851-5868; Mobile: 650-380-4996
Skype: Crystallightbeam    Web:

Born in San Francisco, California, I have a warm and inviting demeanor that makes for a wonderful relaxing healing experience. I offer phenomenal healings either in person (or I can travel to your required destination) or remotely now using the new Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ system.  Sometimes the healing takes place right away and continue to work over time. People usually report that emotional, physical, mental and spiritual issues resolve. I myself have had continual peace granted to me. I love my new peaceful self. I can handle every situation with ease. I especially love the Ascended Spaces™ house clearing. I used to smudge with sage for years but this new Ascended Spaces™ house cleaning works so much better. I hope you all get to experience it. I feel so blessed to be a part of this wonderful healing modality…many thanks.

Dr Ellen Simon

Dr. Ellen Simon – Gualala, CA 95445 Email: Phone: 707 785 2758 Facebook: Facebook/DivineEnergyHealingWithDrEllen

I have been a family doctor in Germany for 20 years. Then I spent 20 years in a Buddhist monastery. Since almost 5 years I am now living in Northern California near the Pacific Ocean, practicing energy medicine. The personal experience of Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ sparked my interest in practicing it myself.

wendyWendy Logan (831)915-5596  Pacific Grove, CA    email:

My passion and calling is to help others to heal themselves and the Collective Consciousness . I began my journey towards Mastery of Intuitive energy healing by becoming a Usui Reiki Master, followed by Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner.  In 2013 I  was strongly guided by Archangel Michael to Kelly and  Intergalactic Star Healingv.  I undertook  my own Star Healing and through my own experiences and healings I knew the importance of my guidance to the loving energies,  which was to bring this to others. I have not come across a more powerful  energy healing method and  I am excited and honored to be a Certified Practitioner .

I believe star healing is a wonderful  healing system and I feel it healed my stomach issues and also my emotional issues.  I have given up all the guilt and silliness I carried around for years for no reason at all and it has made me a lot more peaceful and joyful. I feel like for the first time in my life I am going to live my life for myself and I think that is one of  the healing aspects ​I got from this star healing was peace in my soul and it really helped liberate me and lead me to my true essence.    Thank you so much.  —  Nancy Upshaw
I feel much better after our session, not nearly as inwardly nervous as I was before we started. I would say that is the most profound thing I’ve noticed from our sessions. I am sleeping very well and my pain level has dropped significantly. I have sent gratitude and love and that I enjoy doing. It seems to enhance my relationships. Thank you so much for all your help!  — Helen Mallory, FL

Connecticut (USA)

Jeanine-LajeunesseJeanetteJeanine Lajeunesse – Putnam CT  Phone 860-377-4593
Sessions can be done remotely or by phone. I am willing to travel.

I find Star Healing an amazing way to support people to heal their mind body and spirit. Since I have received this healing I have noticed many changes in myself. I am more peaceful and calm in environments that were quite stressful in the past. It is a pleasure to be able to offer this healing to others.

Florida (USA)

Terri Hymel

Terri Hymel –  Gulf Breeze, FL Phone: 850.748.0146 Email: Sessions can also be done remotely, via phone or Skype.

Having been involved in the medical field for many years, I was attracted to alternative medicine to allow the client a more interactive role in the care of their mind, body and spirit.  I was particularly attracted to Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ through an attraction to the Angelic beings that support each of us in our day to day activities.  I felt the Angelic connection to health and wholeness made a perfect fit.

Florida (USA)

LuceroLucero Ackerman - Boca Raton, FL  Phone: 561-302-2024
Email:   English & Spanish

The main reason I became a Certified Practitioner of the Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ Method was the desire to make such a powerful and effective method more attainable to others.


“The next three days after my session with Lucero were very interesting.  I had sought her help since I was experiencing hip, lower back and joint pain, as well as cataracts in my right eye, stress, and anxiety.  During the yoga session with her I felt a big release in the whole right side of my body and my pain stopped. Though it has returned that gave me hope that my body knows how to heal. The third day I noticed that I did not want to wear my glasses.  Even though my vision was blurry, I could read the words of a hymn on the altar screen.  Overall my back pain has improved-not gone, but definitely better. It seems like the pattern of tension is clearer, and therefore undoing it has become more accessible to me.  Thank you, Lucero!”   Jana (Lucero Ackerman client)
My session with Lucero was wonderful and left me feeling serene and peaceful-yet refreshed and energized at the same time. I had chronic leg and hip pain-specially at night- for over 30 years. Since the treatment with Lucero, the pain has lessened significantly, and the amount of pain meds I need at night has been cut in half.   Another wonderful result from the session is that my long-standing bad habit of fingernail biting has ceased- and I am about to celebrate by treating myself to a manicure! Thank you so much, Lucero, for your loving, healing presence!– Cheryl Kozak, Boca Raton, FL  
I found Star Healing to be the most beneficial to my physical and emotional well-being. I feel great, my energy has cleared. I feel more focused and alive- I make decisions more easily- and the heavy feeling of grief has left me.   I am so thankful for the greatly-lessened back pain (I continue to have times without pain ! so this is good news, ) and for the lightening of my spirit. It is a relief to feel good again!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.– J.T., Boca Raton, FL
My experience with Star Healing Intergalactic™ has been extraordinary. I was looking for a treatment for my habitual back pain product of several surgeries over the years, specially a spinal cord surgery. After that spinal cord surgery I was told by my doctors that I MUST wear a supporting back brace DAY AND NIGHT EVERY DAY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE in order to keep my back straight and protected from any unexpected moves that could eventually hurt the spinal cord again. I was never happy; I was actually limited in my activities and my personal life. I was always praying to find a way that makes me feel better. Fortunately for me, Lucero told me about Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™. I made the appointment immediately and the results have been amazing. My back pain is gone, and I don’t need to use the supportive back brace anymore!! The intense headache that had been accompanying me since the back surgery was gone immediately after the session. Now, I can work and do shores at home in a comfortable way and without the hassle of wearing that girdle all the time! I have noticed also that my addiction to sugar and chocolate has disappeared as well! I feel great! Thank you.– Liliana Ruiz, Boca Raton, FL
I had been experiencing intense pain in the back right side of my head for three months, I visited the doctor and he gave me some prescription medicines for two weeks, which did not do anything for me, the pain was so severe that I had giving up drying my hair since the heat and pulling had become unbearable. During those days, I called Lucero and she told me that she had received training to do Star Healing Intergalactic; that really resonated with me, since I believe that we are not alone in the Universe and that a powerful force can definitely help us to heal. So, I had the session, and three weeks later the headache was gone. I called her to thank her for such a great help. –Yanneth, Chicago

Illinois (USA)

JoAnn Seckus email: Click here to email. (no photo)


Ramona Vonderhaar phone 314-412-7650, Click here to email

I started my path by becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher. However, I was always drawn to collecting stones and other energy tools. I met Kelly and synchronicity struck with Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™. It has become my passion to help with raising the collective conscious of humanity for Ascension.

Massachusetts, Newton (USA)

David and Patricia Bell, 978-373-7343 (home), 978-771-8389 (cell). Willing to travel

Maine (USA)

Cathy Dolloff-star-healingCathy Dolloff, Gorham, ME 04038 Click here to email




Naseem Hajizadeh (207) 615-7954 Click here to email  (Arizona and Maine)

I have studied and experienced many healing modalities before Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™. I was interested in trying something new and I felt guided to learn a different method of energy healing. I am excited to offer Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ work and services to others. Thank you Kelly for providing me with the opportunity to become a certified practitioner!

 Missouri (USA)

Kelly HamptonKelly Hampton, Founder since 2010, St. Louis, MO 636-346-7093 USA. Click here to email. or skype-kelly.a.hampton

I am available for travel and in-person workshop training/seminars on Ascension, including Ascended Spaces™, remote Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ healing sessions available anywhere around the world.

cathyCatherine Cogorno – St. Louis, MO  (314) 766-1025
Click here to email

Am blessed to be able to serve as a conduit for this wonderful healing practice, an upgrade to the Reiki work I have practiced for 14 years.  Assisting in healing and raising the vibratory frequency of each and any being elevates the energy of the entire world.  Celestial beings accompany us on this Sacred Path of enlightenment and sharing.


I have not felt again the anxiety and anguish; all is more tranquil.  Likewise, with the panic attack – it has not repeated, and at my home everything is more calm.  No issue of anxiety or panic has come up, for which I am very happy and grateful! In the mornings I awaken very calm, not like before, when I had felt restlessness and sadness. What I have noticed is that in my dreams I have issues with people from the past, and within my dreams I feel anxious, but I resolve it, and today I thought “it must be because I’m releasing or cleansing”… remembering the session before you asked me by email. I have a feeling peace and tranquility which accompanies me. ​–P​ (Catherine Cogorno client)


North Carolina (USA)

Chris Simpson,   Phone: 703-447-5115

I have experienced many forms of energy healing as well as being certified as a Shamballa Master Healer before being drawn to Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™. It is a powerful, beautiful ascension tool for healing that resonates deeply with me. I am so grateful to have been guided to bring Archangel Michael’s healing system to others through Kelly Hampton.

Amanda Dowell, Click here to email. Phone 301-748-1090.

I have always seen angels since I was young. I have studied spiritual healing, Reiki, Angel DNA healing, healing touch, distance healing, intuitive healing and aroma therapy before becoming a Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ Practitioner.


Grace DierkesClick here to email  Phone (314) 307-1101

As a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher and Shambala Healing Practitioner….Moving into Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ for the purpose of Ascension, just makes sense.


David Dierkes - Star Healing Intergalactic Energy Practitioner

David Dierkes Click Here to email Phone (636) 345-0245

I am a licensed massage therapist since 2005.  I am always seeking energy healing modalities.  I received a Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ attunement and experienced what other modalities are absent of.



Debi Kennedy 314-540-7542 Click here to email

I was guided to learn this awesome system to facilitate healing. I feel honored to assist others with Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™.  Greater St. Louis area


Katie Schultz in training june 2013 in red katie hugging karen star healingKatie Schulz 314-471-3660 Greater St. Louis area.Click here to email



tharp_color3Melodie Tharp 573- 680-9729 Jefferson City, MO
Click here to email 
In 2007, I began my study of self-healing when I was experiencing severe anxiety, with migraine headaches, nausea and stomach pain. During this time, I came to understand how illness can be held in our bodies and learned we have within us, the ability to release illnesses and heal ourselves with meditation, prayer, and journaling.
In the last 3 years, I extended my study into the realm of energy healing in order to further develop my own healing ability. After learning various forms, I discovered Kelly Hampton and the Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ that was given to her by Archangel Michael. After receiving Star Healing myself, it by far has been the most effective energy healing I have ever experienced.  I feel better than I have in years and am now living a healthier, more vibrant and meaningful life. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to bring Star Healing to others.
​My depression is completely gone. I have no back pain and have stopped seeing my chiropractor. I am noticing how beautiful flowers are and how they seem more vivid in color. –Shannon Trevathan
​I can hardly feel the pain in my legs since my healing session with Melody and my depression has lessened.–Donna Jones, MO, USA​


New Mexico (USA)

Gwendolyn Hill, Heart of the Mother Healing 34 El Paseo, Belen, NM 87002

Gwendolyn Hill –  Click here to email
Heart of the Mother Healing, 34 El Paseo, Belen, NM 87002.

I have been offering healing for body, mind, emotion and spirit for 30 years, using touch, breath-work  sound and hands-on energy. Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ uses some of those  same healing modalities, but takes the vibration to a whole new level, to the 5th dimension and higher. It has become a wonderful ascension tool to add to my offerings as a healer. I feel very honored to be included in this listing.

Testimonials received for Gwendolyn:

I felt very safe with Gwendolyn. She convinced me of her practice immediately into the treatment. It was an interactive practice where Gwendolyn described her process and was interested in feedback. I felt responses of release and love in my body as she worked on me. I felt lighter in the days that followed.  This is just a really amazing blessing of the angels that she wants to give as many as possible. I hope a lot of people say “Yes!” to that opportunity. Thanks Gwendolyn. ~Z. W., age 37, Albuquerque, NM
Gwendolyn did wonderful work on me.. I felt relaxed and released at a deep level and felt the lessening of tension and fear – the generalized fear that many of us feel in the face of the Shift, and the unknown. I felt a great increase in trust and well being and look forward to doing this again. Thank you!” ~L. R., age 60, Santa Fe, NM
New York (USA)

photo - Ella Doane

Ella Doane, Certified Star Healing Practioner on the left

Ella Doane, Certified Star Healing Practitioner on the left (2012)

Ella Doane, Endicott, NY Ella’s Facebook page. Click here to email.

I was guided to Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ after I had experienced other healing modalities by receiving and certification of. I noticed the most improvement in healing from this system and became very interested in becoming a certified practitioner. I am finding much joy and excitement in offering this system to others.

Testimonials for Ella Doane:

Rick indicated that with his low platelet level has been since march 50 to 60 thousand. He has not had a transfusion or any treatment since June and the only thing he has done different from his last blood test was Star Healing. He is very happy and excited :) So the number from my understanding is very good.–They went up to 113 thousand! –Ella Doane, practitioner from New York


New Zealand






Rhode Island (USA)

Photo: Rhode Island practitioners.Gail Dobrowolski Click here to email. 401-792-3951






Linda Pullano Click here to email. 401-383-2344


Having successfully studied six healing modalities, I find Star Healing Intergalactic Energy to be the most profound. I’m grateful to Archangel Michael and to Kelly for sharing this with the World, as I know that I was meant to continue this important work. Being in the first Star Healing class in 2010 was exciting; especially with how much more this healing modality has grown.  I would recommend this training to anyone interested in expanding their abilities. Thank you Archangel Michael and thank you Kelly.

Lissa Brodeur Click here to email 401-206-7964

Click here to email. 401-615-2396
I always felt like I have been an intuitive healer and studied other modalities. But felt guided to learn Star Healing™ and when I did I felt like I found my home this energy is beyond words. Lots of LOVE. (401)206-7964

photo - Elicia Collier

Elicia Collier Click here to email. 401-226-7532 Willing to travel.
An 18-year alternative-health specialist who practices in Riverside, RI at 3478 Pawtucket Ave and at Serenity Yoga, Warwick, RI. Namaste.



Tennessee (USA)

deedeeDeeDee Ginder –  (865)622-1533  Knoxville, TN Area.
Click here to email /

Reiki Master Teacher/Healer – Certified Yoga Teacher – Feng Shui Consultant


Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ is a natural progression in the expansion of my healing practice, and I am so thrilled to offer such a amazingly powerful and effective healing system to humanity.  Everyone can do with more peace and calm in there lives, and I am so grateful to be a facilitator for this magnificent energy gracing our planet at this time.


lauraDillardLaura Dillard 281-814-8486 Houston, TX Click here to email

Even as a child I knew that I was meant to live life as a healer.  For the last few years I have worked using Reiki, Full Spectrum Healing (FSH) and other energy modalities.  I was led to Star Healing™ by Archangel Michael, and when I received a Star Healing attunement, I knew that it was a healing system unlike any I had ever experienced.  I’m excited and honored to be of service through offering this amazing healing energy to others.

Testimonials received for Laura Dillard:

In the three weeks since I received my Star Healing™, I have definitely noticed a difference in myself. As for my knee, while I still experience some pain when I walk for long distances or when I wear high heels, it is not as intense and I no longer have the daily nagging pain I once did.   Most of the day to day pain is gone and it feels like my knee is healing and getting stronger.  I think soon I will be able to begin working out again. As for the rest of me, I have certainly felt a lot different.  I feel like I have much more energy, but at the same time I feel like I have more peace, or rather a centered feeling inside me — it is hard to describe really, but I feel good, positive and less drained and negative about things.  And when I do feel down or overwhelmed, I find that those moods are short lived.–L.B., age 44, Houston, TX

United Kingdom (UK)


Susanna Terry, click here to email
I speak English, Greek and French. I was born in Athens Greece but  I have been living in England for many years now. Holistic and alternative health has been my sphere of work for many years. I am a homeopathic practitioner,a trainer in Light Touch Therapies and a coach. One evening I listened to a webinar with Kelly Hampton and Archangel Michael. AA Michael  was the angel who I first saw in my dream when I was eleven years old. I then booked a session with Kelly and experienced  Star Intergalactic Healing and a reading as well. I immediately bought her two books which I read again and again. Two attunements later I decided I was ready to learn this universal form of healing. There is still a lot to learn in order to offer this therapy to my clients but I am keen to master Star Intergalactic Healing™ and help as many people as I can. Love and kindness to all.

Sarah Tebbs ‘ Sacred Space’, Eaglescliffe, Stockton, Cleveland, England Click here to email. or mobile numbers: 07824 662995

photo-Leanne Jarvis

Leanne Jarvis, Co Durham 07886441315
I am available to travel for healing if need be Visit her website.

Studying Star Healing Equine™ and Star Healing for Small Animals™, Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™ Second attunements.



LisaWatson2-IMG_1276Lisa Watson, Sunderland, Northeast of England, UK

I have always been a spiritual person but it wasn’t until my late 30’s when becoming part of a paranormal investigation team, which brought me I to contact with a medium, who in turn linked me with the person who would become my Reiki Master. I completed my 1st and 2nd degree in Usui Reiki.

I enjoyed learning this healing modality but never felt totally connected to it and when I came across Angelic Reiki, I realised I felt so much connected and at home. I completed my Level 1/2 Angelic Reiki, attuned by Leanne Jarvis ( one of UK’s first Star Healers) and worked by way up to Master Teacher level, also completing level one and Master Healer / Teacher level in Metatronia Therapy along the way. Now I am embarking upon my Level one in Star Healing with Kelly Hampton, supported by Leanne Jarvis and I feel privileged to have been guided to do so. I feel the time is right for me and undergoing healing myself along with preparing for the workshop, genuinely believe this is to be my life’s turning point whereby I begin to fulfil my life’s mission during this lifetime.

Phone:  07880707833

Germany, Bonn
Emmanuelle Pries - Click here to email visit site:



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